A Rainy Day in Sydney Australia

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               On the plane to Sydney I chatted with a nice man on the plane. I asked him if he knew of any good restaurants in Australia. He recommended going to the Sky deck in downtown Sydney. They had a buffet there that had a 360 degree view of the city. The restaurant revolves around the buffet and you can see the entire city as the restaurant turns. He also recommended Oliver’s Italian in little Italy. I then became hungry as I watched, “Anthony Bourdon’s: No Reservations” It is a great show and I like the character. Anthony Bourdain went to Porteno a Argentinean restaurant with excellent meat entrees, Harry's Meat Pies, The Golden Century in Chinatown, Winston Churchill’s one of the oldest butcher shops, and Chadwick’s Restaurant.  Anthony has a cool life similar to mine except he makes money off traveling and eating food. While I only spend money doing it. One thing I would have to say about the show is that the main character complains a lot throughout the show when something doesn’t go right. But on the other hand if everything went perfectly on the trip it wouldn’t be as interesting. I also could understand how Anthony must be a weary traveler at times and he is an older man. What am I talking about...I complain a lot too.

               I was really excited to land in Sydney. It had been raining in New Zealand for 8 days straight; I was looking forward to a little sunshine. After talking to my friend and reading my book called, “1001 places to see before you die,” The plane landed. It wasn’t the smoothest landing but I was happy I got there safely. I opened my Airplane window slit and to my surprise it was raining dogs and cows. The flight attendant then announced that it would be raining throughout the week and weekend. Four days straight. That would make two weeks straight of rain. After departing the plane I went to the currency exchange to change my us dollars for the Australian currency, it was a rip off. I went to the ATM instead and withdrew 4220 Australian dollars. I tried to get a cab it was 50 Australian dollars so I took the train for $16.00 Australian dollars from the airport to central station.

                I picked up my luggage from the baggage claim. As I pulled my roller suitcase it seemed a lot heavier than usual. After I got off the train my luggage felt heavier than ever. I looked at the ground and to my despair the two wheels on my roller suitcase were destroyed. I had been unknowingly dragging my 65 pounds roller suitcase for about 30 minutes on the ground. I noticed black streaks on the airport pavement as far as I could see…oops. That’s what happens when you a buy a $50 dollar suitcase at target I guess. You get what you pay for. My bags made a loud squeak sound as I dragged them. People stared at me oddly. I knew what they were thinking, “stupid typical tourist.” It’s to no surprise I got that look. When you throw squeaky luggage, a large over sized map, pouring rain, and a flimsy umbrella. You have one very big pain in of a tourist. The stupid questions. The lost expression on my face. On top of an American accent. It’s a big smelly storm of gas to any Australian. I walked to my hostel in the pouring rain. The Australians stayed out of my way as if I was Moses and they were the parting of the sea.

                           I turned my roller suitcase backwards. It had four wheels so I turned it around so the working wheels were facing the ground. The squeaking stopped but then I looked ridiculous dragging my roller suitcase the wrong way with the luggage part of the suitcase pointed to the ground. It was a lose-lose situation. Eventually my roller suitcase didn’t roll anymore. It transformed majestically into a over sized 60 pound brief case. I tried to look at it in a positive way. I don’t run into too many Gym’s on my travel and it could be a good work out. Or it could just give me back problems. But I was hopeful carrying the suitcase would be a good work out. That was until my suitcase zipper broke…

               The lesson of the story…don’t go to Target to get a $50 suitcase. Go to Ross and get a $50 suitcase. And don’t act like me in Australia. Strike that. Don’t act me anywhere. Act like Anthony Bourdain. He gets free meals at the best restaurants and doesn’t have crappy luggage from Target.



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